Maybritt Dolling

In the Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung GmbH Mr. Bennet Hollesen is responsible for the sector finances & controlling. He is supporting our IZET team since May 2020. Bennet Hollesen is trained as an assistant tax consultant and additionally as an tax expert. He worked for a period of five years in a well-known tax consulting company before he changed to a …

AYIDIAS Business & IT Services GmbH

Consulting, design, support and implementation of Agile/Digital transformation projects, software development projects, outsourcing projects (incl. hardware development), coaching, mentoring and support of Agile leadership, Agile/Lean systems and scalable agility in companies. Contact: Tel: +49 4821 778 370

Alzner Battery

Development and construction of battery storage technologies for industrial applications Contact: Tel: +49 4821 778 161

bactologicum GmbH

With our mission Ahead through hygiene, we help our customers to raise and realise their individual potential in hygiene. In addition to microbiological efficacy studies and sophisticated hygiene concepts, we offer our customers the design and implementation of validation studies as well as individual staff training. Contact:


There is a problem: Every day, countless new contents appear on the internet for which creators would like to be fairly remunerated. However, consumers’ willingness to pay is constantly being reduced by the fast pace of the digital world. Users expect free access and publishers want to be compensated accordingly. We have the solution! Linkvertise closes this gap by bringing …